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2018 Tax Planning

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First scammers impersonated the IRS, now Social Security scams are increasing. This is the time of Open Enrollment for Medicare and other health insurance plans, leading to opportunities for fraudulent callers. Crooks can "spoof" caller IDs, like the Social Security Administration's 800-number, to make it look like you're being contacted by a legitimate source, when the call is really a scam. Plus, they use robocall technology to keep calling and calling and calling!

Here are a few examples of fraudulent calls:

  • A caller claimed to be returning a call about an inquiry involving Social Security benefits, but the consume never made any inquiry.
  • Con artists demand that consumers put hundreds of dollars on gift cards in order to obtain a new Medicare card. New cards without Social Security numbers are being issued, but they are free.
  • If someone asks for information in order to make sure that you get a bigger Social Security check each month, it's a fraud.
  • Social Security also isn't going to call and threaten that your benefits will be terminated.

If you receive a suspicious call from someone alleging to be from the Social Security Administration, you should report that information to the Office of the Inspector General for Social Security at 800-269-0271 for the Social Security fraud hotline. Or, you can make a fraud report online at oig.ssa.gov/report.

Taxpayers can spot some incidents via the AARP Fraud Watch Network. Their website has a Scam Tracking map.

2019 Mileage Rates

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The IRS has announced the 2019 standard mileage rates for vehicles. Beginning on January 1, the new rate for business miles will be 58 cents.

The 2018 medical mileage has increased by 2 cents to 20 cents per mile. Charitable mileage remains unchanged at 14 cents per mile.