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About US

At Mierendorf and Co. P.C., established in 1986, we are proud of our timely, quality work. We focus on a service team concept allowing us flexibility with our clients. Partners and staff are able to cover for each other in dealing with clients, since all of us work with a common database of knowledge. Our proactive approach to our clients' issues gives our team the platform needed to deal with the unique interests of each of our clients.

Communication is the key to any relationship, and at Mierendorf and Co., this is no different. We speak to our clients in a language that they can understand. By actively working with our clients to go beyond just the numbers, we are able to identify their underlying business issues and initiate proactive solutions.

The Team

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Experienced, Responsive,
Proactive, and Flexible.

Our team consists of four Certified Public Accountants, including two partners. We identify your individual needs, find solutions to your challenges, and suggest strategies for growth and improved profitability. We will assist you with the uncertainties and complexities of the modern business environment, allowing you to focus on your priority: growing and expanding your business.

Whether you are an individual or business, our team here at Mierendorf can help. We encourage you to contact us today and learn for yourself how we can help your enterprise navigate the 21st century business environment.